About Us

Allow us to Introduce Ourselves

In 2002, Zenwork Inc. was known as TechAtlantis, Inc, a technology consulting firm. In 2009, we developed and launched our first cloud-based excise tax filing software, ez2290.com as a bootstrapped startup product. Zenwork firmly believes in creating world-class technology with a human touch. Before we hired a full-time salesperson, we hired a customer success team. The first salesperson was only hired after Zenwork reached a million dollars in revenue. We are still bootstrapped and profitable, but now we serve over 50,000 clients. The business has changed – drastically. Now known as Zenwork, Inc, the company has transformed into a leader in Tax Compliance-related technology applications that simplify the e-filing and overall tax compliance process from start to finish. Over 15 years of creating and innovating in the software and technology landscape have positioned Zenwork for such a role. Under the guidance of Sanjeev Singh, Founder & CEO (ex-ADP), and Ed Pratt, COO (ex-ADP), the Zenwork, Inc. team continues to diligently provide regulatory compliant products, including Tax1099.com for Information Return reporting, E-File Assist, Payroll Tax, Excise Tax, and Fincen114 filing via Fbaronline.com.