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Data Security in the Digital Age

August 9, 2018We're being faced with a frightening choice these days. Adapt or die; hand over your mundane daily functions to cloud-based platforms, or be handed over to the past. In the midst of all this, we hear horror stories of data breaches and info hacks.

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2017 Corrections: The Basics

April 10, 2018The eFiled forms have been submitted, the vendor copies have been delivered, and you're ready to put the 2017 filing season behind you. But then a vendor comes to you, and says that their SSN is listed incorrectly on their 1099.

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Forms Due Today: 1099, 1098, 3921, 3922

Your forms 1099, 1098, 3921, and 3922 are due today. As the usual deadline of March 31st fell on a weekend this year, the due date for these forms got pushed out to the next business day. To get your forms in by the IRS-declared deadline.

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Accountant’s Guide: Making Healthy Eating Easier

March 29, 2018Guest Blogger Kendall MeadersWith tax deadline fast approaching, accountants start disappearing from their favorite restaurants. It’s very common for accountants to skip out on lunch, or just to run and grab quick fast food.

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How to Handle High-Maintenance Clients

March 22, 2018Guest Blogger Kendall MeadersDuring tax season, accountants often encounter angry and upset clients. A few ways to handle the high-maintenance clients professionally, and not let them monopolize your time is: Empathize, don’t sympathize- Let your clients know you care,

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The Accountant’s Guide to Tax Season

March 16, 2018Guest Blogger, Kendall MeadersOften during the busy tax season, accountants can end up bearing the brunt of everyone's stress. Everyone is very stressed out and overwhelmed. With the following three steps below, you will be prepared to take on any obstacles that are thrown at you.

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